Hotel rules

Dear Guests,
In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, please take into consideration the following information:


  • Hotel Croatia accommodation can be used only by the person registered at the reception.
  • Room visits are not allowed

No dangerous materials

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable or explosive materials, guns and other king of wapon and objects with unpleasant smell into any hotel area.


Washing, drying and ironing in the room is not allowed. Please use the hotel cleaning service for this

No smoking

  • According to the Croatian law, smoking is not allowed in all hotel public closed areas.

Outdoor food

  • Bringing and consuming food and drinks or ordering from external catering services is not allowed in rooms or any other hotel areas for sanitary reasons.

Room key

  • Please close the door when leaving the room. You do not need to return the room key when leaving the Hotel. However, please return the room card upon check-out.


  • Cooking or any other way of preparing food in the room is not allowed.


  • Unless your valuables, money and documents are not stored in the hotel safe on reception, the Hotel cannot guarantee their safety.

Room key loss

  • In case of key loss, please immediately inform the reception.

Check out

  • In case you wish to leave the Hotel later than planned, please inform the reception by 10.00. Check out time at the latest 10.30 and staying in the room after 10.30 will be extra charged.

Noise in hotel

  • Please do not create noise which could disturb other guests in the rooms, corridors and public areas, especially in the period from 10.00 PM to 8.00 AM.

Hotel defects

  • Please immediately inform the reception of any defects or faults in the room or possible dissatisfaction with the service.

Take care of hotel

  • Please keep the equipment and furniture safe. We will be forced to charge you any intentional damage caused during your stay.

Room safety

  • Prior to leaving the room, please check if you have closed the tap in the bathroom.

Dress propriately

  • Please do not enter the hotel public areas dressed inappropriately, e.g. in your pyjamas, underwear, swimming suit, etc. Walking in any public area of the hotel without footwear and in slippers is not allowed.

Dress propriately

  • Please note that you should be dressed appropriately during your visits to our restaurants.


  • Pets are not allowed in Hotel room,without hotel management approval

Room inventory

  • Room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) are intended for your use during your stay at the hotel and you are kindly requested not to take them out.


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